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2017-2018 Acolyte Schedule


Class Schedules

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

We are so excited about our Confirmation program here at Lamb of God. If you are unfamiliar with confirmation classes, it is one of the foundational pieces in our young adults lives. Confirmation is confirming of one’s faith and the work that the Lord has completed through their baptism and the grace displayed in His body and blood through communion.

The Purpose

The goal of confirmation classes is one of head knowledge but most importantly heart application. Our students dig into scripture and our Lutheran small catechism, learning and seeking the answers to our foundations of faith. Our confirmation program begins in 6th grade with a Faith Development 101 class, forming the foundation for our confirmation instructions. It is in this class that they learn the history of the church and lay the ground work for our confirmation classes. Our 7th-8th grade are traditional confirmation classes but with both interactive and traditional models of teaching. At the conclusion of our 8th grade Sharing of the Faith ceremony, if deemed that the student has surrendered his/her life to Jesus, the church will confirm his/her faith in the Spring following their years in Confirmation. Our 8th grade students participate in a Sharing of the Faith ceremony at the conclusion of their year, in which they audibly share written papers of their confirmed Faith in Christ with family, friends and congregational members. The Celebration of Confirmation is not a graduation, but a beginning to declare a life of following Jesus.

The Parents

We believe it begins with you… The responsibility of your child’s spiritual growth is foremost in your hands. Research tells us that parents are the #1 faith influence in the lives of their kids. The church exists to come alongside you, love your children, and teach them more about Christ. One of the best ways you can grow with your teen during our confirmation years is by regularly doing your weekly Family Times with your child. While we know families are busy, it is important to set aside time each week to grow spiritually with your family. We also are shifting to a family model of Confirmation and are encouraging one parent member to attend alongside with the student in classes. We realize outside family commitments may include siblings and extra-curricular obligations, however we ask that you make a commitment in attending with your student. What better way to grow in your own faith as an adult as well as demonstrate and model to your child the importance of being plugged into your faith journey!

The Design

Our confirmation classes includes a Wednesday night (during school year) and Sunday morning (year round) commitment. Our Wednesday night begins at 6:30pm with a time of worship called Common Ground, which is a short worship time including songs and a message. This is a great time to bring your family to attend. Both our confirmation and high school bible study classes join together for this time. It also sets the tone for our evening, getting refocused on Him. Students are dismissed into their classrooms for instructional time immediately following Common Ground. Classes conclude around 8:30pm. We ask that participants are present during both worship and teaching as one is critical for the development of the other! Sunday morning classes begin at 9:15am and focuses on Biblical knowledge and foundations of scripture. All classes and Common Ground are held in our Youth Ministry floor.

Acolyting, the lighting of the altar candles in the worship service is a symbol of Jesus coming into the presence of the worshiping community. Just as the Israelites were led through the desert by a pillar of fire, we are led by Christ, the light of the world. Therefore, acolyting is an important part of the worship experience here at Lamb of God. The people of the congregation look for direction during various portions of the worship service. The Acolyte signals the beginning and the end of each worship service by lighting and extinguishing the altar candles (and others depending on events and seasons). The Acolyte also assists with Communion when it is celebrated. During the year, including our summer months, our students are asked to serve both our church body in the way we act out God’s love. Acolyting is an important way for our students to tangibly serve our church body. During our confirmation parent meeting, parents will indicate what service they attend so that we appropriately give our students times and dates that work for you and your family’s worship time.

The Expectations

We understand that life is busy and you as parents are pulled in all different directions. We also know that this season of life of confirmation can be some of the most critical years of formation of faith in your young adult lives and future. We ask that our students and parents sign our confirmation covenant at the beginning of the year. This not only models to our students the importance of our commitments but also helps lay out clear expectations of our intentions. The expectations at Lamb of God for our confirmation program are divided into four categories: Worship, Grow, Serve and Go.


Regular weekly attendance


Attend Common Ground and classes, bring materials to class, confirmation tests/quizzes, scripture memorization, complete sermon notes, attend Recess Retreat, which is usually held in the fall.


Participate in assigned acolyting duties, help serve 8th grade in Sharing of the Faith Confirmation Meal, consider attending Summer Mission Trip


Attend or participate in Sharing of the Faith Ceremony, Confirmation Ceremony

Adult Volunteer and Mentor Opportunities

As we believe that discipleship is an integral part of the formation of our families faith instruction we seek to provide adult and high school mentors in our classrooms as well as parental attendance, specifically our 8th grade confirmation year. Our mentors are asked to walk alongside our students being there to give one-on-one insight and direction during our instructional time. Our mentors also pray for our students, encouraging our students outside of the classroom. If this is something that you feel you can help serve in please contact us! We are looking for cross-generational ages of adults. You do not have to have a student in confirmation to participate. Mentoring is a service of planting seeds and one that is very much needed in serving His kingdom and formation of our future church!

Post-Confirmation Classes

High school students or adults, if you did not have the opportunity to participate in confirmation and are interested in getting confirmed please contact us as we have independent study opportunities available! We have been able to offer adult confirmation classes in the past if we have had enough participants to justify a full class.

We ask that you prayfully consider joining us in our Confirmation Ministry!