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1401 cross timbers road
flower mound, texas 75028


Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission Statement:

"Loving, Outreaching and Growing, Together in Christ"

Our Vision:

Lamb of God Lutheran Church will become a Community of Missionaries being cared for and discipled to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed with each other, our community and God’s world.

As a Community of Missionaries, Lamb of God...

Will be known in the surrounding community as the Loving Congregation that it is. Building on this strength as a congregation that is loved by our Lord and in love with our Lord, Lamb of God will purposefully seek to cultivate a fellowship of loving, caring and supportive relationships centered in Christ with each other and with our neighbors in the surrounding communities. Special attention will be given to the manner in which we care for those who are hurting among us and next to us, how we welcome and assimilate new members into the life of the congregation, how we become involved personally and corporately in service to our communities, and to how we build each other up in fellowship with Christ.

As a Community of Missionaries, Lamb of God...

Will be a congregation where Outreach, that is telling the good news of Jesus Christ in Word and Deed, is the focus and purpose of every ministry. We will look for opportunities to invite the community into our facility, to involve members in service to our community, to speak the good news to our neighbors, as well as to send, care for, pray for and support both career and short-term missionaries.

As a Community of Missionaries, Lamb of God...

Is a congregation with a deep commitment to the study of God’s Word. Building on this strength this will be a Congregation that purposefully seeks to develop a ministry of discipleship that promotes the Spiritual Growth and training of believers for various works of Christian service both as members of the Body of Christ and as missionaries of Jesus Christ to our communities and to God’s world.

Our Values:

  • Our church will be a community of faith that acts on the belief that God works in people’s lives through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word of grace in Christ. (Biblical, Grace oriented Preaching and Teaching)
  • Our church will be a bold community, praying and trusting God to lead us as we step out in faith to accomplish His mission. (Courageous Faith)
  • Our church will be a “grace place” that cares about people and seeks in all that we do to help them to build healthy, loving relationships centered in Jesus Christ. (Loving Relationships)
  • Our church will be a community where God is at work through Word and Sacrament, transforming us into passionate disciples who live out our faith in prayer, service and contagious enthusiasm. (Passionate Spirituality)
  • Our church will be a community that is eager to reach out to share the love of Jesus with all people. We believe God grows His Kingdom as God’s people tell others the message of His love in Jesus. (Shared Outreach Mindset)
  • Our church will be a community where “servant-leaders” equip and give people the freedom to use all their gifts, abilities, resources in God’s service. (Empowering Servant Leaders)
  • Our church will be a community that cherishes and strengthens families. (Family Oriented)
  • Our church will be a community that values vibrant worship that faithfully proclaims Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament in order to strengthen the faith of those who worship. (Inspiring Worship)
  • Our church will be a praying community marching forward on our knees, looking to God for all things. (Prayer Centered)